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Sharp Sound Inventory
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This inventory is available with our Sound/Tier 2 service. If Tier 2 sound is required, Producer must use theatre’s sound system, and may not bring in their own. CD or other sound playback requires Tier 2 service. 

1- ­Midas M32 - 32 channel digital console 

4- Meyer Sound Labs MSL2A speakers
2- Yamaha Subwoofers
8- EV FM1202 monitor speakers

Amps & Processing
1- HNE rack for (for stereo operation) containing:
3- XTA DP200 signal processors
4- Meyer S-1 signal processors
5- EV 7300A Amplifiers
3- QSC RMX 2450 amplifier
3- DBX 2231 dual 1/3 octave equalizers
1- Alesis stereo compressor/limiter
1- Lexicon Alex effects unit
1- Denon DN-D4500 Dual CD player with Remote

8- Shure SM 58 mics
11- Shure SM 57 mics
5- Pro Co DI boxes
2- Minicube DI boxes
1- SENN EVO E835 Vocal mic
2- AKG 451 mics
6- EV BK mics
1- EV N/D868 Kick Drum Mic
2- Crown CM 700
3- Crown PCC 160
1- Crown GLM 200
1- Whirlwind PCDI box

Snakes, cable, mic stands necessary to complete the job. Additional equipment available upon request.